About us

Where are we?

Located in Gympie, opposite Central, beside Jetts gym. Parking is easy, outside the flood zone, and conveniently close to the shops.

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What you will find at Gympie Pilates and Rehab?

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy and diverse shopping district you will find Gympie Pilates and Rehab nestled beside Jetts gym, opposite Central. We have created a beautiful, caring, air-conditioned, peaceful space where you can escape life’s pressures (wives, husbands, children, your boss!!), be pampered, get healthy and where you can be comfortable just to be you.

At Gympie Pilates and Rehab we want to help you to restore, repair and renew your body, mind and spirit.

We will welcome you warmly no matter your size, age or abilities. Pilates is for everyone – even manly men!  Yes, you Dean & Gerry. Pilates is so much more than stretching and breathing. (Well, that is what my husband thought) No, it is not Yoga ( not that there is anything wrong with it, we just don’t do it here).

At Gympie Pilates and Rehab we practice Clinical Pilates, Emmett Technique  – the chameleon approach to body therapy, trigger point releases, fitness and functional movement training – aimed at people who need rehabilitation or who are unwell, people who want to work smarter not harder, people who are fit and love the challenge that Pilates can provide, people who want to sculpt their bodies, overweight people and people who know they need to exercise but don’t like it. Pilates is great because it is bare feet/socks, air-conditioning and LYING DOWN!! (well, some of the time)

Enjoy our free “tea of the day”, a glass of fresh cold filtered water (yes, you may fill up your water bottle before class – we encourage water drinking!!) and percolated coffee.

Free yummy fruit.  Enjoy a piece of fruit after class on your way home or back to the office. Spoil yourself.

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